Sony RX100 - What do you love and hate about your camera?

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Re: Sony RX100 - What do you love and hate about your camera?

virtser wrote:

HI Guys,

I need your honest Sondy RX100 owners only feedback.
What do you love and hate about your camera?

I am a DSLR guy who got used to all the best: fast startup time, great auto focus speed, almost no shutter lag and of course viewfinder.

I bought Fuji X10 last year. Although it is a really good camera, I'm not satisfied with it. Its still big (I can't put it in my jeans back pocket), have fast auto focus speed, but its still far away from what I get used to and it has very inaccurate viewfinder.

I'm highly considering to by Sony RX100 in the last couple of weeks mostly because of its relatively small size. My main concerns are lack of viewfinder, auto focus speed, shutter lag and startup time. What can you say about these?

Thank you,

Love and hate are strong emotions. I reserve love, for certain people in my life and I cannot think of anything that I could say that I hate about a camera. So how about likes and dislikes ?

What I like about the RX100.

  • Small size. I can just about squeeze it into a case4life zipped case and still fit it into my shirt pocket. There is no need to ever leave it at home.
  • Really good image quality. Far better than the Canon S95 that I used before (and that was good) and rivalling my DSLR at base ISO. Results at higher ISO up to 800 are pretty good too.
  • Versatile. Aperture & shutter priority AE + manual, shoots raw. Fast aperture at the wide end. Zoom range that covers wide for scenics to classic head & shoulders portraits. Things that you need to change frequently are easily accessible.
  • Good build quality. Feels like its made to last

Dislikes. Well these are nitpicks really, or limitations that realistically you have to accept in a small fixed lens camera.

  • This is not a super-zoom or an interchangeable lens camera. If 28mm isn't wide enough or 100mm isn't long enough then compromise or use a different tool. The lens is darned good, and if its zoom range was extended then several other things would have to be compromised at the expense of image quality. It won't replace your DSLR.
  • It doesn't track moving subjects as well as a DLSR. Use your DLSR for action photography or be happy to accept quite a few misses.
  • Tripod mount is not in the centre of the lens axis. This is annoying.
  • Tripod mount is right next to the battery door. Not that much of an issue since I'm not going to have this camera tripod mounted for hours on end or until I fill my 16GB card.
  • Tripod mount right next to HDMI socket. Wish they put the HDMI on the side, but again not something I would have used often.
  • None of the cool multi-shot modes work in raw.
  • Shutter release is very soft. Hardly any difference in pressure from the half press to focus and the full press to take a picture. Frequently take a picture too early - especially after using other cameras.
  • No hot shoe. Actually what I would prefer is some compact (even built in) means of triggering remote flash by radio signal. You can do this well enough using the built in flash and optical triggering as long as you are the only one taking pictures with flash.

The dislikes list is longer, but there's nothing too serious in there. I love really like the RX100.



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