Why I'm not waiting for a D400

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Re: Why I'm not waiting for a D400

coudet wrote:

It's one of those "I'll buy crap today, because I believe it may become good enough in 5 or 50 years time" flawed logic.

I don't get that. Nor do I get this childish need for validation from the OP in opening threads like this. Cause that's what every thread where OP announces to the world what he is buying, need for validation.

No, you obviously don't get much at all. You are either trolling or have very selectively read the discussion or -most likely- not read anything it at all.

How did you manage to miss the 4 times where I said that I was not planning to buy anything in the next three years? That really takes talent.

The only flawed logic here is spewing wrong conclusions based of half read data that you twist to suit whatever you want to say.

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