7d camera, lense advise?

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Lens suggestion

As someone has already mentioned, you are going to want at least 300mm for surfing, and ideally 400 or 500 is much better. But I realize by what you've said that you are not prepared to make a purchase like that at this time.

Since you've said you would start out with a shorter lens and then purchase a longer lens later, I would suggest going ahead and buying the camera and lens combo because of the value in involved in the package deal. My recommendation would be to get the 7d with 28-135 IS lens, but any package with a lens of your choice makes sense. The 28-135 lens alone sells for around $430, but when you but it as a package deal with the camera, you get the lens for only $230 additional (B&H Photo).

Right now, Canon has the same package available as a refurb, for only $1,079, which is a great deal compared to purchasing new at $1,529 at B&H. Note that the B&H price is already reduced by $200 off the regular price, so $1,529 is actually a good deal too, compared to the regular price of the items new. Here's a link to that deal:


If/when you decide you don't want the kit lens any longer, you can sell it and probably recover everything you paid for it if you buy it as part of the package deal. It seems like a no-brainer to me, and you have a decent all-purpose lens to use right now, while learning how to use the camera. You will love the image stabilization on this lens or any other you get that has IS.

The 28-135 was my very first lens in 2003, and I used it a ton, even though I now have lots of other lenses all the way up to the 500 f4. In fact, I purchased a new 28-135 last year and sold the 8-year old one, just because I felt like getting an identical newer one. I got $210 for it on eBay and it was 8 years old, but in great condition.

There are lots of ways you can go and there's no right or wrong answer. But strongly consider the camera/lens combo deals, as they are a great value.

Good luck and enjoy your new 'toys'


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