Fungus on Nikon 180mm 2.8 AF?

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Re: Fungus on Nikon 180mm 2.8 AF?

xiaoba wrote:

Thanks. I got this lens at a very good price, so if it's unlikely to be a fungus problem, I might just keep it. Even if I pay for a clean, it would still have been a good deal

Only if you got it for a very good price (nearly for nothing), and take the cost for cleaning in your total amount of spending of purchasing, it could be worthwhile to clean it.

If the auction description is written without these faults, you can return the item or negotiate with the seller for a discount.

In past (2008) I got a Voigtländer APO-Lanthar 125mm f/2.5 SL from E-bay. Unfortunately with little fungus and I returned it. Afterwards I regret that I returned it. I think it was worthwhile to ask for a proper discount and let clean it professionally (to difficult to do it myself) when prices rises to very hight amounts after that for this rare lens.

In another auction I got a Rodenstock APO Rodagon 105mm/4.0 enlarger lens (for macro usage on a bellows) also with some amount of fungus. I made a deal with the seller for a big amount of discount (about 80% discount) with the price of cleaning by Rodenstock service in my mind. (I asked Rodenstock if it could be cleaned). But also asked at user forums how to dismantle and clean it myself. In that case I could skip the costs of cleaning professionally. At the end I cleaned it myself by unscrewing the front and the back lens groups. In this case that was enough to clean, no fungus at other parts. It is my best enlarger lens for using at a bellows for macro including more wide image area with far tilt and shift settings.

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