Sony's lens Roadmap - Only map, no road?

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Re: Do not forget the price too!

tsk1979 wrote:

Actually, I was also wondering from a beginner POV.

For example, 18-200 zooms cost around 300-400$ on alpha, however E mount pricing is 900$.

Is the lens really twice as good? The tests for MTF/CA do not seem to suggest that.

Unlike other systems, there is no much available on sony, and even for a small set you have to break the bank.

For example. I can get an Alpha + 18-200 for less price than the sony 18-200., and MTF and CA figures for alpha 18-200 and the SEL 18200 are very similar.

That is why I feel, that NEX system is usefull only from a compactness POV!


Compactness is a BIG deal IMO. It is a personal preference though. Go to Steve Huff's page and see some arguments there on why compactness is king.

Then you have all the legacy lenses that you can adapt. That is a BIG deal. Again, it is a personal preference.

This system is only 2.5 years old, and 11 lenses is okay. By next year that number is 15 native lenses. Then there are lenses from Sigma and Tamron and the system is also getting the three Zeiss lenses.

Only the m43 system has got much more lenses (talking mirrorless ecosystems), but here you have "duplicates" or overlapping lenses from Pana and Oly as well. Here the NEX has got the Zeiss 24mm and the m43 user will struggle to find a good alternative to this lens. The new 17/1.8 is reportedly rather mediocre and expensive.

Nice landscape photos you have got on your site by the way By the looks of it you should be all over the moon about the Sigma 19mm, SEL1018/4 or the upcoming Zeiss 12mm. Even the 16mm (stopped down perhaps) can make really good landscape shots.

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