Sony's lens Roadmap - Only map, no road?

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Re: Do not forget the price too!

tsk1979 wrote:

Actually, I was also wondering from a beginner POV.

For example, 18-200 zooms cost around 300-400$ on alpha, however E mount pricing is 900$.

Is the lens really twice as good? The tests for MTF/CA do not seem to suggest that.

Unlike other systems, there is no much available on sony, and even for a small set you have to break the bank.

For example. I can get an Alpha + 18-200 for less price than the sony 18-200., and MTF and CA figures for alpha 18-200 and the SEL 18200 are very similar.

That is why I feel, that NEX system is usefull only from a compactness POV!

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Adding IS tends to double the cost of any lenses.

Makes me wonder why Sony didn't go for IBIS, like they do for their DSLRs. Size probably isn't it - Olympus is able to include it in its compact PEN cameras.

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