RX100 Zoom and night shots vs FZ200

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Re: RX100 Zoom and night shots vs FZ200

chris1012 wrote:

After ruling out the Nikon D5200 due to size and price of changing lens, I am down to two cameras -

Rx100 or FZ200

Ideally the camera will be used for holidays, wildlife, animals, close ups, sunsets, landscapes, panoramic, night low lighting photography/moon and star pictures.

With the above in mind, what would you say would be the best camera for my requirements?

For the applications you have listed you would be best served by a DSLR. If the D5200 is too expensive then the D5100 or a D90 would be more affordable. They are both available at really low prices currently. (in the UK at least) I'd recommend purchasing the kit with the 18-105 as this is an excellent lens and a steal in the kits. For wildlife you will need a longer lens unless you can always get very close. I'd recommend the 70-300VR, but that's pushing the budget up. You don't specifically mention action photography, but in case that is implied in you desire for shooting wildlife pictures the DSLR is the only option here capable of good focus tracking. This is not an issue for more static wildlife subjects though.

I have taken some decent shots of Badgers at night using the RX100 but that was using a multiple flash set up and getting fairly close after spending months befriending them. The RX100 is an excellent camera, but the zoom range is too limited for wildlife unless you can get close. For some wildlife getting this close is not recommended, even if you could do it. I have better pictures from my DSLR though.

The FZ200 is the most cost effective way of getting the reach you might need for wildlife, but it is the least attractive from all other aspects I think. That said it depends a lot on what output you want. For small prints and web images it might well serve your needs, but if you want large prints to hang on your wall you should look at the RX100 or a DSLR. A mirrorless CSC is another option but again the tracking focus for fast moving subjects is not good.

Let me disclose that I own and use the RX100 and Nikon DSLRs. I have never owned or used a superzoom compact camera. Well I have used my wifes HX5V and we have got some good holiday pics from it. Perhaps I am biased.



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