My AF Fine tune settings for all top Nikon lenses after calibration

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Re: My AF Fine tune settings for all top Nikon lenses after calibration

I too have had the same experience with my D800E.  Initially the body was backfocussing with  my 2.8 lenses to some degree or another.  Nikon in Sydney had my camera for a few hours and so say made correcting adjustments.  After picking the camera up and testing it that afternoon I discovered the same 3 - 2.8 lenses were now front focussing to a huge degree, requiring AF fine tune beyond the +20 mark to even come close to being in focus .

I was pretty annoyed with this as I had travelled a few hours specifically to get these focus issues rectified.  Nikon suggested I leave the camera with them for further adjustment.  I ended up staying in Sydney overnight to save a return journey the next day.  When picking up the camera the following day I spoke with the NPS rep and he suggested that lenses should really need 'no fine tuning'!  He showed me a few examples of shots taken with my camera and he stated that my D800E was good to go!  I took his word for it and drove home.

The trip was a total waste of time.  All my 2.8 zoom lenses still require AF fine tune to some degree, tho now all with +adjustments at least within the 0 - 20 range now.  I now know this is what is needed to get sharp in focus images. I also now know that Nikon Service in Sydney don't know their product!  Luckily my D800E doesn't seem to have the left AF issue.

My AF Fine Tune adjustments now are:

70-200 +10

24-70 +16

14-24 +10

105  0

50  +4

These adjustments seem to hold good throughout their range, close enough for the type of shooting I do, normally stopped down at least to f5.6 or more.

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