Deciding Between CSC/Mirrorless Cameras: MFT (Panasonic or Olympus) or Sony NEX

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Re: Deciding Between CSC/Mirrorless Cameras: MFT (Panasonic or Olympus) or Sony NEX

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I'm currently looking for a good CSC/mirrorless camera. I'm completely new to this forum, so my apologies if this comes across as too long-winded or in the wrong location. I'm also a beginner to digital photography so i naturally have a lot of questions which may or may not be covered by this post, so please bear with me.

I have kind of narrowed my choice down to a MFT model, either Panasonic or Olympus, or a Sony Nex. I know, this isn't narrow at all! Out of the MFTs, I'm tending more towards Panasonic only because many Olympus models are surprisingly absent from the retailers i've checked, and those that are present are not in the price or quality range i'm after (same goes for others like Fujifilm).

So i'm after two main things for this camera. Portability or compactness and image quality. In fact these are reasons i'm going for a CSC. Firstly, i just want to get compactness out of the way as i'm a little confused and there seems like a lack of information on camera weights. At first glance, you'd think the Sony NEX is the one to go to for compactness, but the more i read the more this doesn't seem to be the case, and this is because of the much larger Sony lens. For example how does the Sony NEX 5N with the lens compare in weight to the Panasonic Lumix G3 or G5, which of course is bigger and DSLR-like because of the built-in EVF? I am also interested in Panasonic's more compact GF models but these are only 12 megapixels and may lose a lot in image quality compared to the Sony NEX. How does the new GF5 compare to the NEX-5N for image quality? Is it far behind?

I know i'm kind of all over the place, but i guess i'm still at a deciding stage. I have heard good things for both the G series and NEX cameras. Any pointers, extra info and recommendations will be greatly appreciated.


Make a list with a all properties important to you.

  1. EVF, hotshoe for serious speedlights, grip, battery capacity, ...
  2. Sum up all gear you intend to buy : body + all lenses + speedlight
  3. Go to store and play around with all bodies to get a feeling for handling
  4. Look through viewfinder and decide what image you like best (indoor & outdoor) !!!

Ask yourself : how often will you need high ISO shooting (> ISO 1600), then compare studio images here at dpreview.

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