New EF-S lenses in 2013? I'd love to see a fast telephoto

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Re: New EF-S lenses in 2013? I'd love to see a fast telephoto

MoreorLess wrote:

Both of those lenses don't seem to have a serious problem optically, the main issue for me would be the build quality which clearly lags behidn the 7D itself.

In the past I'd guess Canon's feeling was that by forcing 7D users to buy EF lenses to get L build quality and sealing they locked them into an upgrade path. Really though I think the much bigger market is Rebel users upgrading to a 7D, something thats easier to sell if they already have weather sealed lenses.

Alot of Pentax's sucess with crop cameras is down to offering high quality build on crop lenses if you ask me.

I fully agree. More than once I contemplated trading in my 17-55 for the 17-40L, but the 17-55 is just such a nice lens optically. It's just that the built quality doesn't match my 7D.

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