Sony's lens Roadmap - Only map, no road?

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Re: Sony's lens Roadmap - Only map, no road?

TiagoReil wrote:

tsk1979 wrote:

I saw this feb 2012 release from Sony promising lot of NEX lenses.

Right now(without the adapter) there is the 18-55, a couple of primes, a 16-50 collapsible lens + the SEL18200 + 55-210

I am wondering have there been any updates to the roadmap. The roadmap was talking about 2013. We are almost there, but there has been no concrete announcement from Sony about more lenses.

Being a recent 5N buyer, I feel sony is not doing much for the NEX platform yet. Yes the 16-50 collapsible lens is a welcome step, but sony should work at developing collapsible lenses for longer focal lenghts also. Right now, if you go zoom, it becomes an awkward looking setup with very big lens, and very small body.

Hopefully, sony will announce something to cheer us up before the year is up!

For me the problem is that sony has 2 lenses that are more or less duplicated. Yes, there are differences, but for me they are too similar:

1650 vs 1855

and the 2 18200.

The 1650 vs 1855 is all about compactness. People asked for this and sony delivered.

Between the two 18200, The first one was more for video, for the VG line, while the new one is more for photo. But for me they are too similar and unnecessary to have 2 lenses.

So this year we have 4 lenses, and sony delivered what they promised, but 2 are very similar to old ones. That is a pity for me.

Another thing that you have to know is that while the roadmap talks about year (2012, 2013) most lenses are announced at years half, and availability is generally at the end of the year. For instance, the new 18200 zoom I think it was available at mid year, but the wide zoom and the new kit has been available for the last month, and the 35mm is still not available, and probably will be on December So if you expect to have the 2013 lenses by January February of next year, think twice. They will come at the second half of next year, some earlier, and some more at the end.

No lens in the roadmap is another collapsible lens, so dont count on that, and there will be 2 zooms and two primes, one a pancake.

For the ones that are expecting premium lenses, I doubt you will get many from sony, I think that you will receive them from Zeiss. I think the zeiss lenses will be great for the nex and fill the gap that many people look for, but for a price.

2.8/12, 1.8/32 and 2.8/50 macro.

Im still looking for something fast at a more tele size, for portraits. But these lenses should be very good (and expensive, there is no such thing as a free lunch).

@tsk1979 - The Roadmap is speaking of 4 lenses this year: High-Mag (18-200LE), Standard Zoom (16-50), Wide Zoom (10-18) Large Aperture standard (35mm) and has delivered, or the 35mm is in the shops before Christmas.

I don't understand, do you think Sony has promised us something and not delivered??

The NEX has now 11 lenses and two adapters. Next year we will see four more lenses.

@TiagoReil - thanks for posting the roadmap. When you talk about premium lenses, what do you mean then? Are you missing more expensive lenses or are you missing weather sealed ones? The 24, new 35 and 50 can most likely satisfy most professionals. The OSS on the 35 and 50 performs handheld like a f1 but lack the ultra shallow DOF of such lens, on the other hand they AF faster and are much more compact then what a f1 lense would have been.

So on paper the Fuji XF lenses look really good, and they also are, but the NEX lenses have qualities that make them more useful in some situations. I already mentioned the nice primes, but the new 1650 is an amazingly useful lens. If you want a cheaper and slighty faster lens on most FL's then the 1855 kit is available. So it is not all bad, even though the lenses does not look as exotic on paper as the Fujinon XF for example.

At first I also thought that it was a little lame to intro the 18200LE. But I ended up picking one up as my local shop was selling it for around $500 which is a bargain compared to the original 18200. Now I think it is okay with this alternative, I wish Tamron had made a different zoom though, but then sony might not have been able to rebadge it as some rumors say they did.

@Donkey914 - I would love an 85/1.8 OSS for the NEX, not sure if we will be that lucky though

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