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Kim Letkeman wrote:

Acrill wrote:

tt321 wrote:

If you suffer from motion sickness to some degree (if not, just ignore this message), please check if you are comfortable with your Nikon gear in Live View mode with long lenses.

M4/3 is essentially all live view and basically the shooter is watching a shaky video when aiming and framing hand-held. This could cause motion sickness.

Apparently the E-M5 could prevent this sort of thing as it could turn on the IS during viewing. How well this is implemented I don't know.

The G3 viewfinder did give me motion sickness when using non-stabilized longer lenses.

Just curious why you would use non-stabilized longer lenses without a monopod or tripod? That would be the way to shoot such lenses on a non-stabilized body. Complaining that you get motion sickness because you failed to stabilize the longer lens appropriately seems a little like saying that your fear of heights gets a bit overwhelming when you walk a tight rope without a net ...

The EM5 stabilized viewfinder does not bother me at all.

Stabilized bodies have the advantage that you can use non-stabilized longer lenses. Of course, there are so many stabilized longer lenses available that this point is kind of irrelevant to those who choose bodies without IBIS ...

Sorry, was referring to the 45mm 1.8

The only lens I own longer than that is stabilized.

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