If you are not an M user there is not much to celebrate

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pure nonesense

Shame on Godfrey for buying and using a camera that is available and that he needs...Alternatively, he could have spent all his days, say, in m43 forum, and talk about how much he loves olympus, but that oly is an awful company for not answering his wishes: a camera and sensor that is specifically tailored to work with his legacy lenses!

It is the whiners such as yourself that are after a la carte!

you are the one who is asking a particular camera maker to build a camera for you... Armchair CEOs , fortune tellers vs. ricoh apologists and wishful thinkers...nothing else here. Zero photography.

rattymouse wrote:

Andrewteee wrote:

Exactly. Godfrey has what he wants. Ricoh can rest now.

And rest they have. Now Ricoh is just sitting around waiting for Godfrey to figure out if he needs something. Ricoh is build to order! For Godfrey Only!

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