SX40 HS Built-in Flash would not fire

Started Dec 30, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: SX40 HS Built-in Flash would not fire

Cyd819 wrote:

I had my SX40 for about a month now and I have used it quite well without problems.

Just recently, I wanted to use the built-in flash but it would not fire. When the built-in flash is closed, the camera fires normally. When it is opened or raised, the camera is able to take pictures only if there's ample lighting (the flash is not needed). When ever the built-in flash is raised or opened and it is needed, it does not fire and the picture is not taken.

I went to a store to try out the hotshoe and it fires.

Inputs/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Cyd819,

Please reply how you fixed this problem. I am facing the same problem.

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