D800: what's the point?

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Re: When will people get it????

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I don't know the op, maybe some or all of you do. My first reaction was to consider writing a response which basically stated that if all you are interested in is high iso results then maybe you have a point, but that there is much more to these cameras then just that.

No, no and no: the OP has no point, even considering high ISO IQ!

I wonder why people still don't get this? Stop comparing images viewed at 100% when comparing different MP cameras, it makes no senses at all.

For the 100th time: compare results at the SAME output size!

How difficult is it to understand? The D800 image downsized to the D600 resolution will lead to the same or better IQ at high ISO.

do you think you can see the difference if we compare iso100 images from D600, D800 and D800E resized to 480x640?

I know it's still not worth answering but anyway, here it is.

Dude, if your final image size is 480x640, then a simple cell phone will make you perfectly happy.

In fact, most teenagers are very happy with their cell phones and instagram, they achieve great results that look awesome on .... cell phones!

So please, save yourself a lot of money, time and brain cells and go buy a cell phone. You'll be much happier than with a DSLR!

if you resize the D800 image to that of D600's, they why even bother to buy D800? any camera should be rated based on what it is trying to sell (36mp for D800). this actually goes back to my original question. what's the point of D800? if you are saying that i have to compare the resized 24mp image of D800 to that of D600's, then why did Nikon bother to put a 36mp sensor with AA on D800 body? they should just have used a 24mp on D800 body and that would make a lot of sense. i think you are starting to make yourself funny here.

Ouch... I guess 5 brain cells was a bit over-optimistic...

If hope your ability to reason in life doesn't equals what you've shown here, because if it is I feel sorry for you...

it's me that i feel sorry for you. you can't come up with good reason why one has to buy D800 instead of D800E or D600. instead you come here with childish post.

So tell me this smart boy: why do you keep ignoring, over and over again, the multiple answers given by many people addressing your very question?

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