"Sony Tells DSLR Owners They're Idiots In Awkward Sales Pitch (VIDEO)"

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Michel J wrote:

mcl wrote:


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Very excellent advertising what can show that Sony used to understand all about the psychology of DSLR/T users (for most of them and longtime before they come to this market) and studied what can fit very well according to the needs of different customers profiles (over than expectations about permanent bashers here aha).

Thaanks for sharing, that make me laugh and save my day...

Kind Regards,

PS: hum... sorry, nothing personnal Cyanparadise, but you used to learn a tad about marketing or what? Not dumb at all to my side, but genious. funny, respectfully and very symptomatic imho.

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Michel J

I think the commercial was aimed towards DSLR/DSLT users like you. Just that you just haven't come around to realizing it. Maybe when you wake up in the morning, and it finally hits you, and you go "Wait a minute!", you'll see how dumb it is. (Nothing personal, Michel)

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