Sony's lens Roadmap - Only map, no road?

Started Nov 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sony's lens Roadmap - Only map, no road?

If you're referring to this roadmap - - Sony promised and delivered the lenses they placed on the roadmap.

Next year, they are planning on at least 4 new lenses.

  • Telephoto prime -> 85/1.8 OSS
  • Pancake prime -> 35mm equivalent pancake prime?
  • Mid-Magnification zoom -> 18-70, 18-105 OSS or thereabouts
  • G-series zoom -> 18-55/2.8?

Even with these 4, there will still be some notable holes (telephoto, macro), but it's filling out. If there's anything to go by, their A-series lenses should provide clues about their direction.

Hopefully, third party support will also pick up, but I feel they're playing a waiting game and seeing how the market plays out.

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