QImage - Why Print Sharpening Is An Added Benefit

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Re: QImage - Why Print Sharpening Is An Added Benefit

ronzie wrote:

In "PSE 10, The Missing Manual" it is stated the image sharpening as it appears on a display is not enough for an image to be printed and if correctly adjusted for the printer will appear over sharpened on the display. It was suggested that one image be saved for display and another differently sharpened for printing.

Since QImage (Pro at least) and QImage Ultimate apply optional sharpening during the printing process I would think that this voids the need to save one image for display use and another for printing.

The sharpening algorithm in the most recent QImage Ultimate has been improved. QI also lets you apply this processing to the image in many raw formats as well as standard formats. I prefer it to the sharpening in Canon's DPP and ACR in PSE. It did a good job without accenting any artifacts.

Just thought I'd make a comment on this.

I agree QIU is well worth the outlay.  The automation of selecting the optimum printing parameters which takes into account final print size, optimum resolution of the printer (600 Canon, 720 Epson) etc means that you always print at optimum resolution without any effort.

Sharpening is normally done in 3 stages capture, creative and then print; QIU's print sharpening is obviously aimed at the latter stage.  Capture and creative sharpening are probably best addressed in LR or PS although QIU's tone sharpening can be effective for creative sharpening.

The new print sharpening looks exceptional.  I have only tried a quick test where I applied QI's new sharpening to an Olympus XZ1 file.  The photo included an area of foliage which was rendered in the raw file as a "mush".  After applying the sharpening it resolved out dramatically.  I could not get anything like the same effect with a quick try in CS6 / Lightroom.

I am travelling for the next few weeks so I can't see if this was a lucky accident or a real effect.  Perhaps someone could compare other sharpening programs like NIK to QIU for print sharpening.  There is a free trial available of QIU for download?

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