Sony's lens Roadmap - Only map, no road?

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Re: Sony's lens Roadmap - Only map, no road?

Are you saying you want a pancake zoom that can extend to 100mm or more? I don't know of any such lenses on any system. Is it possible to make a collapsible zoom that's significantly longer than 50mm?

High-quality zooms are something the NEX is lacking, but the road map does include a "Standard Zoom" with G branding which is Sony's designation for premium lenses. As far as longer zooms go the 55-210 are solid but not spectacular. I suppose that could be something for Sony to put on the map.

Next year's three Zeiss primes could be considered Sony lenses since if they follow the path of the 24mm it will be Sony manufacturing them.

I feel like the system is growing out nicely myself. There's lots of nice primes with more on the way. A year ago it was deficient, but now I'd say it's still young but definitely suitable. Obviously that's a preference thing as I've figured out I'm not really interested in zooms. I have the 55-210 but wouldn't be interested in something higher end.

One thing I'd really like would be a versatile pancake prime. Mirrorless cameras are begging for small lenses and the only one we have is a wide angle? I'd pay good money this second for something like the EOS M's 22mm kit.

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