Swan Lake Adventure in Australia (a long story)

Started Nov 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
David28 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,104
Re: Swan Lake Adventure in Australia (a long story)


I have not enjoyed a yarn this much for a long long time. Now you guys really know how tough we have to do it each day down in the Antipodes just to get to work and get home. Not to mention fighting off them killer crocodiles and cantankerous kangaroos - all the while trying to manually focus an M camera.

In truth, if you were further north in the tropics during the wet, your adventure could have been a great deal more perilous. Only last month, couple of fellas got stranded in the deserts of the western parts of Queensland; tried to walk, ran out of water and a 25 year old lost his life.

Good to know that P had the sense to record this for posterity.

Anyway, glad you came away unscathed except for some dented pride perhaps.


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