RX1 Awesome, but wish it was E-mount

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Re: Think the iPhone needs a keyboard and removable battery too?

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JackM wrote:

As a Canon user I applaud Sony for making this. Well done. However I can't help but think it is a shame that this camera isn't E-mount. Lenses far outlast bodies. I have inherited an old Leica and 2 lenses from my grandfather, they are a joy to have and use. As-is, eventually the RX1 becomes a really expensive paper-weight. Someday the body will reach the end of its life, and repair will not be an option. And then the lens will go down with the ship.

On the other hand, conserving size is a good thing. I wonder how much of the lens is inside the camera...?

When the iPhone came out, people said it would be great "if only it had a keyboard". Or "if only the battery were removable". (The last thing, "if only it had Verizon" was actually addressed.)

Great products are all about making the right tradeoffs. I played with the RX1 on Tuesday. It's built like a brick. It won't suffer from sensor dust. It is totally silent. The LCD is the best anywhere. It fits in a coat pocket. It has awesome low light capability. It weighs half what the D600 weighs. It has great video. A Zeiss lens. It focuses down to 2cm.

It's mine.

Don't like the tradeoffs? Fine, wait for an FF Nex one day. But that camera won't give you what this one does.

Interesting points here actually.

It seems like lenses outlast bodies because mechanically they don't innovate that quickly. I would assume largely due to optics and physics but perhaps someone knows better about this than me.

But what happens if jpgs close the gap with raw files? Or some new file format emerges that essentially makes raw unimportant for all but the most discerning of users. And through the ever-improving jpg engines the deficiencies of sub-optimal optics can be completely compensated for. This is already happening yes? So the lenses can be physically altered in ways that weren't acceptable before because the image can be corrected via software. Lenses might iterate more quickly going forward and may have more specialized uses. So perhaps lenses would start to become as easily iterated through as bodies. In such a scenario, the consumer might find it easier to buy a couple high quality camera/lens combos that he or she enjoys for a few years before trying something new - replacing bodies and lenses simultaneously.

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