New 50mm lens for my D600

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Re: New 50mm lens for my D600

D700man wrote:

Too bad Nikon doesn't make a 50/1.2 nano......I'd be selling my kids unused toys to purchase it

Yeah, that's the lens I'm waiting for (along with a f/2.4 35-105mm VR+Nano), although I'd prefer 60mm. But the problem here is most cameras aren't showing you under f/2.8 equivalent through the viewfinder anyway (because of the matte screen), and many Nikon cameras can't easily take alternate focusing screens, making critical focusing through the VF at f/1.2 very tricky. Plus the newer AFS lenses don't have the smooth, damped manual focus action of the older D lenses. So I don't know if it would be that practical.

Anyway, I have the 50mm f/1.4G and I wouldn't say it's "soft" at f/1.4. Sure, it's not as sharp as it is at f/2.8+, obviously, but I wouldn't say soft, it's perfectly usable wide open. There is a lot more CA at that aperture though.

Also, some people mention f/1.8 isn't that different because of ISOs, but the shallower depth of field and bokeh is another (maybe primary) reason for f/1.4, it's not just to get more light.

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