Rebate Scam?

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It's not a scam...just understaffed and overcomplicated

I've had at least half a dozen successful rebates, and probably more from Epson.  Most took more than six weeks to come, and one over three months.  Rebates are almost always handled by third parties and the outfits handling them likely process millions of them with a small staff. When they do go astray, or get bizarrely mixed up, that is likely the reason.  In decades of sending and receiving mail and postal parcels, I have yet to have postal mail actually lose and item, though a few did take long nd circuitous routes to reach me (from Australia via the UK, in one case).

*Always* photocopy all the paperwork, especially invoices and UP codes and record when and how you sent them in, as well as the date of any calls and who you spoke to (first name and first initial of last and department and company are ususally enough)   Ultimately, if you can reconstruct the paperwork, you should be able to get your rebate.

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