received X-E1 and 18-55 ; you need something tested?

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Re: received X-E1 and 18-55 ; you need something tested?

MiWo wrote:

mpilon wrote:

I do not have other lens for the X-E1. I own a x100. The X-E1's focus seems faster than the x-100 but the x-100 is fast enough for me.

Quality wise I tested the Olympus E-5 with 12-60 to the X-E1 with 18-55. The Zuiko 12-60 is an excellent lens but the X-E1 combo seems little bit better.


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First off, thanks for doing this.

As you also have the X100 and I'm trying to decide which one I should get, could you please post some comparison pictures with both cameras? I would be grateful for an example of a city- or landscape with far focus and during the day as well as some low light shot at ISO 3200. Both if possible OOC JPEGs.

Could you also comment how the AF speed compares between the E-X1 with kit and the X100 in good and low light? Are there any differences as to the operation speed - writing to card, menus, playback?

Last but not least how's the lag in the EVF on both? Is it comparable or does the one better than the other? Are there bigger differences in low light?

I would appreciate your help.



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I have theses available, 2 pictures at 200 iso and 2 pictures at 3200 iso

You can see these full resolution on my gallery

I will try to do same test outside.

The focus is faster on the x-e1 18-55 combo but the x-100 is not bad at all. In low light I did not perceived differences.

Also, there should be differences but I did not notice them as far as writing, operating and menu speed. This means to me that , except under very critical conditions, both should please most users.

Both cameras are a pleasure to use.

If I was using only one focal length I would use the x100.

You may have a better IQ with certain combo (x-E1 as a base)

Hope this help. As a foot note I put the x100 for sale but if money was no object, I would keep it.


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