D7000 movie mode - getting the perfect exposure

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Re: D7000 movie mode - getting the perfect exposure

Jimmy K. wrote:

To start, use Manual Movie mode off.

1. Use A or M mode. Auto ISO on.

2. While in Viewfinder mode, set your aperture. I usually start with f/8 to f/13 to get reasonable depth of field, because I do not want to re-focus while shooting.

3. You can check the exposure in VF. Or take a photo and check the exposure.

4. If the scene is too dark, then you might want to use smaller aperture to get more reasonable ISO. Adjust accordingly.

5. Enter LiveView mode. Set focus. Start shooting.

6. The aperture is set by user. The camera will choose shutter and adjust ISO automatically during shooting. Since you already check the exposure, shutter and ISO will be similar to what you saw in VF mode or in the sample photo you took. If the exposure in the scene changes, camera will adjust ISO to maintain correct exposure.

Note that changing aperture in LiveView will not actually change the aperture in the lens, until a photo is taken or exit/enter LiveView again.

On the other hand, Manual Movie mode will allow user to fully control shutter and ISO manually. But this means you have to get apeture, shutter, ISO correct for right exposure. And if brightness in scene changes during shooting, you have to adjust exposure manually.

hey Jimmy, its strange, every tip or tutorial i read online say about shooting in manual mode. isnt it riskly for the camera to set the shutter speed for you? I assume its better to follow the rule of shutter speed = 1/ (fps x 2)? I read this up somewhere as well

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