Why can't Dinosaurs have Co-Existed with Humans?

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Re: Um, Phil...

PhilPreston3072 wrote:

aus4ever wrote:

If I draw a dragon and ask two school kids, one will say it is a snake and the other say millipede.
How scientific is it?

Then it is not.


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Well the school kids are obviously intelligent enough to tell the difference between a dragon and a snake or a millipede.

Perhaps if I asked you to draw a snake, then you might actually draw something that looks like a dragon.

This could be true, given that my drawing is so poor, but you missed my point.

BTW, isn't it interesting, that the dragon is included in the Chinese Zodiac? There are 12 animals in the Zodiac, and we know for sure that 11 of them are real animals because they're still living. Could it be possible that the Dragon was once a living animal. The Chinese character for dragon actually resembles a dinosaur with the spines (or whatever they're called) on the back.

Chinese are among the most imaginative.  Have you read any of the four classical novels .

Perhaps a more practical experiment you could make would be to show school kids those pictures I posted and see what answers they give for them.

Perhaps you could come back to reality, given that you claimed to be a scientist?

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Australia, home forever.

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