Buy a DT 35mm lens for the Sony A230 or get a complete new camera

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Re: Buy a DT 35mm lens for the Sony A230 or get a complete new camera

It is a good choice for you, as it's excellent optically, with a fast aperture, and a relatively wide FOV that's well suited for indoor shooting. As for whether the A230 is up to it... dunno, but at normal ISO settings I'd guess so; pretty much the only thing a newer camera would gain you these days is a bit of extra resolution, hardly worth fussing over. At ISOs 800 or higher you'd see some significant improvements... but I wouldn't call SLRs of that generation useless in that respect, either, and with an f/1.8 lens it's not like you need much anyways.

Dunno if I'd suggest that compact camera system, however. It's not that they're bad per se, but I do think they might be a bit redundant considering your SLR; the size advantages are considerable for someone shooting with (say) an A99 or a Nikon D800, but I doubt you'd gain much against your A230. Perhaps an A37 would be a better choice, if you really want a new camera? at least you'd keep your Sony lenses, and it's *certainly* much smaller than your average SLR (in fact, it makes the tiny 18-55mm kit lens look somewhat oversized).

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