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oneANT wrote:

oops, pushed a button ...

Images like this give the viewer an opportunity to make their own decision about what the picture is about. They do it because there is information that is missing so in their minds they fill it in. Because their minds are active filling in this data they become engaged with the image. The key is that part of the image is missing and their minds are switched on to fill it.

Pictures that do this are a style on their own that I have not seen anyone do before ...I mean purposely. You can't hunt for them but instead have to wait for them to come along or force them from a scene ...this is how I shoot, this forcing is part of an explanation. Its like willing an image which is what you have done here. Have a think on it, its not an easy topic but its important to know that there are still a lot of things in street that have never been done before.

sTiLL LiFe

remember your picture, remember what it does and see if you can keep that idea in your head.

You are coming along very quickly just so you know.

...Really quickly

That's an awesome photo!  There's mystery there, it makes you think of what they are doing, where are they going, what's the girls eyes look like?  where are they?   At least that's what I see with these types of pictures and thats what I try to shoot for among otherthings....  I have another one with a guy sitting in a dark alleyway and it kind of haves the same feel!

Thanks for posting the photo....


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