SLT's vs Mirror-less Cameras

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Re: How about a spittle fleck?

sensibill wrote:

Say there was a forum member, uh, friend of mine. And he had a spittle fleck on his mirror, hypothetically.

What approach might one take, you know, to advise this friend how to go about cleaning it?

Hypothetical questions are so much fun -- no consequences for B.S. answers!   To wit ...

Hypothetically, I'd advise your friend to try a little distilled water on a truly clean microfiber cloth or a piece of lens tissue, rubbed onto the mirror with the lightest possible pressure, and then, when clean, dabbed dry with the clean microfiber cloth or lens tissue.

If your friend actually had this hypothetical spittle spot on his mirror, you could tell him that the risk of wet-cleaning it as described above is a pretty low-risk proposition, as the only alternative to wet-cleaning a spot like that would be replacing the mirror anyway.  Which, of course, might still have to be done after the attempted hypothetical wet-cleaning.

Hopefully the above will be helpful, should the hypothetical situation you described ever actually occur.

Cheers, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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