Sony RX100 - What do you love and hate about your camera?

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Re: Sony RX100 - What do you love and hate about your camera?

Honestly, what I don't like about the camera:

- F4.9 at long end, means that I almost never use this focal length in low light, kinda breaks the creativity sometimes.

- I would have loved a bigger zoom for better DOF, or 24mm wide.

- No tilting screen, breaks the creativity as well.

- I just don't like the manual focus. I don't like the fact that you don't know in what direction you have to rotate the ring, and when you hit the minimal or maximal focus distance. The XZ-2 displays the distance when turning the ring, and it's great.

- Focus peaking completely useless when using magnification. It's one or the other, but I guess it's the same on every camera, it's just the first camera I own that has focus peaking and I maybe was expecting too much.

- Highlights clamp easily.

- Needs a grip, but I found a way to use the hands strap to easily hold the camera, so not such a big deal to me.

- Writing images on card message is a bit annoying but that's because I disabled the picture preview, and sometimes want to display it too fast. A second button press and that's ok. Maybe I need to buy a faster SD card, I don't know if everyone has that.

- F1.8 is really soft, I'd advise everyone to stop down to 2.8 when possible. It's not a real problem thanks to the 20mpix that allow you to size down the picture and get the details back though.

Other than that, I love the camera, because now I finally have a good camera that I can always carry with me. You can customize it to your liking, it's fast in operation, it has awesome IQ, noise pattern looks very good to me, low light capabilities are always surprising me, I'm not used to take hand held pictures at night (especially coming from a K10D CCD sensor that couldn't be used above ISO800). Video is smooth and the stabilization works really great while recording.

That is the best really pocketable camera out there, I'm really waiting to see what the concurrents will do.

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