As Louis asked for.... : Show yourself dear forum members !!!

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David28 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,104
My GQ covershot is not ready just yet .....

so this will have to do.

From a shoot we did for work ...........

And I do look quite ok when I make the effort, don't you think?

Ok ok .... so you figured out it's not really me under the blonde tresses. But geez, Harmony Nicholas (a photographer that hailed from Adelaide in South Australia I believe) did a damn fine job with this tattoo model, Sabina Kelley I think her name is, from Los Angeles. One of my favourite studio/set up portraits ever.

Louis, she would look just right standing next to you; either at the gym or on the front cover, don't you think!

And a Happy belated birthday Jeff (Hladun); good to put a face to your name and I do follow your posts when I check in. 55 years is a good place, and it only gets better - take it from me.

And thank you Gianluca, good to see you not hiding in fridges or behind a camera or dark glasses. And Peter (Prosophos), could have sworn you had very short hair last time I had the pleasure. Hope you are well. And our dashing young Hugues ..... your fine looks perfectly complement the persona you portray in here - you are a gem my friend. A real pleasure to make your acquaintance - visually.

Keep well all.


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