p7100 users, please.

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Re: p7100 users, please.

A very good camera overall.  Image quality is very good.  There are times when some of my images look a little plasticky or flat (2 dimensional), but it's a small sensor camera so that is going to happen.  There are also times when my images look just as good as what my DSLR can give me...the lens is very sharp.  Image stabilization works very well.

I've traveled twice with it as my only camera and was very happy with the results...excellent travel camera that easily fits in a purse, small bag, coat pocket etc.  I probably won't take a DSLR with me again when I travel without my vehicle, it's just too much of a hassle.

Battery life is pretty good and will last an entire day of heavy shooting without flash.  The flash is quite good when needed.  I really try not to go higher than ISO 200, 400 in a pinch.

The fold down screen I actually use quite frequently for shooting on the street.  The ovf is tiny but useable and nice to have.  The black and white mode is terrific if you are into b/w photography, there are several settings I've found where I just love the images.

There is noticeable shutter lag but with a bit of practice you get used to it.  Focus is fairly fast, fast enough for most situations.  I have tried shooting sports and moving action with it...it's not easy and I wouldn't use the camera for that.

I am happy with the camera and there are times where I could see it being my only camera.  Most of us, even the serious enthusiasts, don't actually need a big DSLR a lot of the time.  You'd be surprised what you can squeeze out of this little camera once you learn it.  I still shoot 35mm and 120mm film, DSLR too, and find myself reaching for the P7100 on a regular basis.

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