Kitlens of Nex-F3 looks decentered and blurry corners

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Re: Try this ...

Well, I did a brick wall test already, tough hand held with a 3-4 meter distance.

I had confusing results with soft corners swapping from side to side  at different FLs.

The "softness" is like you see on the pictures I posted. You can reconize the different bricks of the wall but all details are gone.

My question is can I expect sharp border / corner with this lens at F/5.6 or less?

The sigma 30mm f/2.8 is very sharp across the frame. Amazed about that little lens (for the money).

flint-hill wrote:

You need to do two kinds of test shots. From a tripod. Lenses don't always perform the same up close as they do at landscape distances. That's why you need to do two types of tests.

To test the lens's performance at close distances, do a brick wall test. Make certain that the sensor plane is is parallel to the plane of the wall.

Then shoot something relatively flat at a distance of 25 meters or more. Try the side of a huge building or a tilted-landscape shot. Again, pick a relative flat scene -- like a fenceline -- nd keep the sensor parallel to the plane of the scene.

Do this at 3 focal lengths, 18, 35 and 55, say, and wide open, f/5.6 and f/8.

Then you'll know.

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