Why I'm not waiting for a D400

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Re: I tend to agree, to a point

Kerry Pierce wrote:

But, first off, the real reason you're not waiting on a d400 is that you don't need one. Your photography apparently doesn't require nor benefit significantly, from the speed and features that the d300 gives you.

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Well, I can badly evaluate a camera that doesnt yet exist, can I?. And no, the statement about the D300 is not correct. I love my D300 and use as many features as I possibly can, including AF tracking, high FPS, etc. That will serve me well for a number of years to come.

What I am saying is that when time comes to replace / change the D300s in a few years, mirrorless technology would have evolved so much, that all its present shortcoming will no longer be an issue. Surely, DSLRs would also have evolved (maybe....besides a few gimmicks, more MP, more AF points, better ISO, I dont see a breakthrough in "new" features for DSLRs), but the point is that the playing field will be a lot more leveled than what it is today.

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