Sony RX100 - What do you love and hate about your camera?

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Re: Sony RX100 - What do you love and hate about your camera?

argonzero wrote:

The RX100 is a great camera regardless of size, but it is a marvel at this size. I'm always blown away by what I get out of it. Here are some downsides, though it doesn't make it any less of an incredible camera.

-The neutered steadyshot is not as effective as in other implementations. For me, this means I have to keep the shutter speed a little higher since I don't have steady hands. I keep quite a few mini tripods with me also.

-Although this camera starts up lightning quick, and shoots 10 fps which comes in great for my mountain bike action shots, it sometimes takes 10-15 seconds to retract the lens. I'm not sure why but hopefully it will be addressed in a firmware upgrade.

Mine is slower to shut down if I just got through taking a pano or if the lens was zoomed out. At 28mm it shuts down in about 3 seconds or so. This is related to what I wrote below.

Even with these drawbacks, since the camera does very well at higher ISO and has 20MP to work with even if your pictures are not tack sharp at a pixel level they are still amazingly sharp printed out on a 4x6 or computer screen. For the outdoors sports I do the image quality is amazing for something I can stuff easily into my camelback, pocket, ect.

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