BIF- Cropping EF 100-400 L IS vs Tamron 70-300 SP VC Photos ?

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Re: BIF- Cropping EF 100-400 L IS vs Tamron 70-300 SP VC Photos ?

Steve Balcombe wrote:

I'm not sure how relevant you'll think this is because I don't have the lenses you're asking about - this is my 300/4L IS plus Kenko Pro 300 DG 1.4x TC. But it's about the same size and price range as the 100-400, and the point is to show that it will stand heavy cropping when you have no alternative. This is a 1:1 crop (if viewed at actual size, obviously):

Remember this is a 1:1 crop!!

This is actually shot at f/8 because I find I get slightly better results with the TC if I stop down, and the light was good enough. I've used selective noise reduction on the background, which is essential at 1:1.

You'll be able to do this and probably more with the 100-400.

My 70-300L is definitely sharper, and has less CA, but sometimes there is no substitute for reach.

No this is good.  Thanks for posting.  How do you find the 790-300 L wide open at 300mm ?  My Tamron needs to be stopped down to f8 to get nice and sharp.

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