Toronto Street Photos on film (m28 f3.5)

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Re: Toronto Street Photos on film (m28 f3.5)

Thanks Mike, Toronto is fairly distinct once you've been here, I'm glad it was recognizable. I wasnt going to push it, but to get f11-16 I realized I would have to if i wanted to keep a fast shutter.
J Posthuman, the project I ended up handing in theme was "intimate life". I didn't go with what first came to mind,but decided to focus on why defines an intimate moment, and like most things it would be the periods lacking in intimacy. I also wanted to focus on the role technology and society has, and how the idea's of intimacy change over time. And how it is possible to have intimate moments in public (intimacy as closeness/connection, not sexual) when surrounded by thousands of people somewhat paradoxically. 
I photographed people on the street, at night, usually just by striking up a conversation, then eventually explaining the project and asking if they're willing to participate. If i mention that it's for school, and it's film, they're even more likely to be willing. I tried to find people who looked like they were waiting (and who actually were) for someone, and that's what the photos were mainly of, with one exception of a couple to contrast and show the moments the subjects were waiting for. 
What is aqua des? Just water? We use photoflo for the last rinse

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