To P7700 users: what made you choose the P7700 over the G15 ?

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Re: To P7700 users: what made you choose the P7700 over the G15 ?

Butor wrote:

Just curious about what was the decisive factor for those who purchased the P7700


- a bit smaller in size

- VF (very basic but still)

- Integrated lens cap

- Faster focus (i think ?)


- (Slightly ?) better zoom

- Swivel screen


- I dont really care about the presence or lack of the VF or the swivel screen.

- Holding the camera felt similarly great for both model, but the size of the G15 makes it easier to carry in a pocket. it would also fit in small case bags where the P7700 wouldn't even though the size difference is not that huge

- I do find lens cap to be annoying to deal with, so another big plus for the G15

- coming from a camera that had a 12X optical zoom (an old S2 IS), I'm worried that I wiill find the 5x of the G15 underwhelming. On the other hand, how different is the 7x of the P7700 ?

- didnt mention IQ since there are reviews going both ways so I'll treat it as even.

- I should mention that I will most probably use JPEG 95 % of the time and I also tend to rely a lot on the AUTO mode.

Really tough decision! That's what I'd really love to hear from P7700 lovers or those who were torn by the same choice

I had a P7000, was very happy with it. P7700 has swivel screen - important for me. Is Nikon, so I don't have to learn another UI philosophy. Etc, but bottom line, honestly I don't have a solid reason. In my opinion all are the same.

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