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Re: Does LR4 Run Slow ?

Robert Schoner wrote:


I've been thinking about LR since IDImager has changed their practice. But, I've seen some criticism that LR 4 runs slow. Some say it slows down the more you use it (Maybe as the size of the data base grows?). Any experience with this problem ? BTW I have a core2duo 2.13GHz and 4GB RAM.


Bob Schoner

I have not seen that but I am not sure my experience is germane for you. I use a laptop to do all of my photo processing, but it has an i7 chip with 4 cores, 8GB of RAM and a dedicated graphics card.

For me LR4 ran about the same as LR3. In fact I was so happy with LR3 that I would not be updating except I need LR4 to process my RAW files. LR3 will no longer convert them as the ACR raw update for my camera only lasted until LR4 came out and then stopped working.

You can, of course, download and install the trial and see how that runs on your system. It won't tell you much about how it will run in 6 months, but it is better than nothing.

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