Have you Considered a Pentax?

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Re: Yes, and never will again

Graystar wrote:

johnny_rico wrote:

So we've established and agreed that Shake Reduction works well on the K-5

Whatever gave you that idea? All reviews I've read on SR say it sucks.

All reviews?

Well that's what the manual says. And nice to know that the SR is just fine when turned off on a tripod (as I recall, that wasn't so with my K-x.)

It's selectable in the menu of the K-5.

You misunderstood. The SR was very sensitive to the shutter speed. Even turned off on a tripod, it would still cause problems.

Never had this issue.

Flash sync in D7000, to the best of my knowledge, is 1/250 sec

In the future I'd suggest depending on the manual, rather than your knowledge.

mmm, not sure if this is camera sync or flashgun functionality!! http://www.scantips.com/lights/flashbasics2b.html

Was there a problem with checking the D7000 manual? Normal sync is 1/250s, but can be set to 1/320s through custom setting e1:Flash Sync Speed.

Can this done with any standard flashgun set in manual mode?

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