Olympus 17 1.8 Review from Lenstip

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Re: Maybe the 35mm equivalent FL is spooked?

Anders W wrote:

SeeRoy wrote:

Much fascinating discussion. The lenstip review seems to indicate that this is an overpriced and not very good lens. Sounds reasonable and not at all improbable to me. I'll stick with the Panasonic 20 although it's a bit sluggish on the OMD. David Bailey likes it too, on a Panasonic body.

As for the national stereotyping, well, "moody and rhapsodic" sounds rather refined to me; I wouldn't mind that if I was Polish. It's amusing that if, for example, one says "Germans are extremely efficient" no-one complains about the positive stereotyping. There used to be a good joke (well, I found it funny) which went along the lines:

"The ideal European would combine the light hearted nature of the Germans, the passionate warmth of the English, the calm rationality of Italians... etc etc" Add your own stereotypes as required.


(I'm English)

As far as my own nationality is concerned, I think we are known in the US as "dumb Swedes" and in Germany as "böse Schweden". If you know your history, neither is surprising. I am sure that the million or so Swedes (about one quarter of the population, mostly poor farmers) who emigrated to the US in the 19th century were for the most part "dumb" in the sense of being anything but "street-wise". And if you travel in Germany, you will find that there's is no shortage of towns or villages that were ransacked by the Swedish army during the 17th century (30-year war).

No, Anders, there is no "böse Schweden" image in Germany (except maybe for a recent football match). And I'm sure few Germans know anything about those times from 1618 to 1648. The image that Sweden has in Germany is mainly that of a rather peaceful and likeable social welfare state.

As for the national stereotyping for the perfect European, I always thought it was the English cuisinier combined with the German policeman and the Italian car maker...

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