PocketWizard 801-130 Plus III Transceiver is not TTL-capable?!

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Re: PocketWizard 801-130 Plus III Transceiver is not TTL-capable?!

You are basically talking about focusing during the exposure: focusing while image is being captured. If you think about it and the way cameras work, there really isn’t much call for it outside the motion picture industry.

Slow shutter speed photography does bring us pretty close to the motion pictures only they can see what they are focusing on and I cannot, courtesy of a closed viewfinder window during the exposure (what's the proper way of calling this?)

Depending on how live view is implemented on your camera, you could try manually focusing during the exposure, but 1/2 second is a lot of time to perform an acurate focus adjustment.

The viewfinder window is closed during exposure. My focus is dead on right before I press shutter release button and for the next half a second I move the camera along with the subject's face. Surprisingly panning cars is much easier than people.

The other thing would be predictive focus: manually focus where you think the subject will be when the flash goes off.

I understand this but I think it's too many calculations during the shoot.

Looking at your sample shot, I don’t see why you have much need for second curtain sync. Seems like first curtain sync with a slow shutter speed (its called ‘dragging the shutter’) should work just fine. Do you really care if the blur is the wrong way – can the viewer of the image tell the difference?

I haven't tried this way yet! Cool

I still need to learn how to preserve EXIF data when exporting images from LR4. I'm using D7000 Nikon. I've sort of realized something after writing the last response that once I lock my focus and move exactly WITH the subject, I should get more efficient results. My mistake was that I was often stationary and the subject was moving or vis-a-vis. Also, I have just watched a youtube video about fine-tuning atuofocus and it was a revelation perhaps not many had had.

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