Why can't Dinosaurs have Co-Existed with Humans?

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PhilPreston3072 wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

...so what you're saying is that not finding the fossil of a particular species of fish, or a particular species of shrimp, etc., which live in the ocean, as opposed to not finding a single fossil of any of the multitudes of land dwelling dinosaurs that existed any time even remotely close to the time of humans, is some sort of "evidence" that humans and dinosaurs might have coexisted?

Really, Phil? Really?

No, what I'm saying is the absence of a fossil is not necessarily the absence of existence. There is other evidence though that suggests that dinosaurs and humans co-existed, namely dinosaur depictions and dragon legends from people of the past.

Dinosaur depictions? Dragon legends? Do you suppose people a few thousand years from now are going to thing we had tiny flying fairies and talking cars because we depicted and told stories about Tinker Bell and Lightning McQueen?

Like I said before, get real.

It's quite easy to work out Lee. If you can match the depicted or described animal with a fossil, then it's probably true.

If I draw a dragon and ask two school kids, one will say it is a snake and the other say millipede.
How scientific is it?

If you can't, then probably not.

Then it is not.


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