Oh my! Panasonic (the corporation) isn't looking good!

Started Nov 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Oh my! Panasonic (the corporation) isn't looking good!

Tootsall wrote:

what is going to happen to the consumer photography divisions of these companies?

I have already assumed that my LX7 will be the last of that family, and the Black Friday sale pricing here in the US have confirmed that the LX7 has had sales even worse than the LX5, which Panasonic had previously said had been a commercial failure.

Maybe the FZ200 will be continued, it seems to be maintaining its pricing.

But the M4/3, which Panasonic have said were profitable, may not be doing so well. The clearance sales over the last few days where you could buy a GH2 for $499 with kit lens, and the GF3 with 14mm pancake at $395 are, IMO, indicative of big problems.

In any case, due to the video crippling in the LX7, I have moved on and am now no longer relying on Panny. I expect to have to use the cameras I already have for some time yet...

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