Have you Considered a Pentax?

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Re: Yes, and never will again

Graystar wrote:

johnny_rico wrote:

I have handheld at 400mm ~1/40sec with no issues.


So we've established and agreed that Shake Reduction works well on the K-5

The stablisation doesn't take 2 secs in my experience. I always turn it off when shooting on tripod and at speeds were camera shake are not an issue.

Well that's what the manual says. And nice to know that the SR is just fine when turned off on a tripod (as I recall, that wasn't so with my K-x.)

It's selectable in the menu of the K-5.

One important plus to the Pentax, all lenses old, new, manual and autofocus are stablised by the camera.

Frankly, that really only matters to people who already have a collection of lenses.

Lots of users have legacy lenses, so it is important and opens up the second hand market for greater choice.

On the importance scale, it doesn't come close to stabilizing the viewfinder image.

I've never had issues.

None of the above are an issue for me. I have the ability to work without these as I am well adapted to working in manual mode and have done for years. So I can think for myself.

Congratulations again...although that has nothing to do with anything I mentioned.


I always shoot RAW so WB method is not an issue as I set this when post processing.

Then your WB is off.

I don't care what it is set to in-camera. WB is a part of my post process work flow. Auto,cloudy,shade, sunny etc don't really appeal to me as the light has different qualities for time of day and season that auto doesn't capture.

Flash sync in D7000, to the best of my knowledge, is 1/250 sec

In the future I'd suggest depending on the manual, rather than your knowledge.

mmm, not sure if this is camera sync or flashgun functionality!! http://www.scantips.com/lights/flashbasics2b.html

What do you call cheap? If you were using really cheap lenses you'd probably not care if you were using as standard zoom that give you those focal lengths. A cheap lens wide open will be soft.

The latest versions of the inexpensive wide aperture primes are pretty good wide open. But the important thing is that even stopped down a little, the apertures are wider than inexpensive zoom lenses. That's what they offer.

The K-5 is an excellent camera and far from inferior to any camera in it's price range and that includes the D7000.

We're all entitled to our opinions.

Exactly, http://www.dpreview.com/products/nikon/slrs/nikon_d7000 and


Also, weather proofing is superior in the K-5 to the D7000.

You wouldn't know it from the manual...it's not even mentioned that it's weather sealed (but Pentax manuals have always been terrible.) In any case, D7000 cameras are used in heavy rain storms without issue, so unless your K-5 can go for a swim, you'll have a hard time producing a qualitative difference between them.

I can only say that Pentax have declared 77 weather seals on a full magnesium body were as Nikon say there D7000 is weather sealed on a partial magnesium body. Everyone can make their own mind up on that one.

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