PocketWizard 801-130 Plus III Transceiver is not TTL-capable?!

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Re: PocketWizard 801-130 Plus III Transceiver is not TTL-capable?!

Brian, thanks for a great explanation to my short question. It feels quite extraordinary when others can read my questions better than I state them, however, considering that I'm still a beginner. I'm hoping that you can reply to this post as well please.

You can’t see the preflash unless you are using second curtain sync, which delays the real flash until just before the shutter closes rather than just after it opens.

The only problem with preflash is when using slow sync and rear curtain at the same time. This can cause punters to think the image has been captured on the preflash and start to turn away or close their eyes.

Yes, indeed, I've just learned of the rear sync flash option in the last couple of months and enjoy using it now with a slow shutter speed (like 1/2 second) but with very low efficiency of results due to  the subject's face ending up out of focus. This happens because the viewfinder (?) window closes for the duration of a shot and I cannot pinpoint the focus point onto the subject's face, especially if I'm moving to create the moving street lights or the subject is moving. Can you explain if I'm dealing with a known limitation (closed viewfinder during a duration of a shot) or there is way around it this issue? (The rational solution would be to mount the camera on a tripod and have a subject stay still while catching the cars' taillights, etc. but a lot of time I have my models walk down the street. Not only they get a confusing preflash, I have them to repeat the walk several times and still cannot get the face in focus. It doesn't make me look good as a photographer and models get tired of continuing an emotion that I have evoked in them before hiding my face behind the camera. On the other hand, if the subject ends up in focus, it makes one stellar photo.)


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