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Re: A99 bracketing disappointed

valenterio wrote:

I received my new A99 and sent it back within 24 hours when I realized the bracketing EV hasn't changed from the A77. It's still 5 frames max at .7 EV. I was hoping they would increase the EV to -/+ 2EV. I ended up with the Nikon D800 because of the 9 frames it brackets at -/+ 1EV. The Canon EOS Mark III brackets at 7 frames max at -/+ 2EV which would be ideal for me but the manual white balance on that camera is horrendously difficult. I loved my A77 even though it was slow and was hoping the A99 with it's full frame would be a tremendous leap. Unfortunately, not so. It's basically an A77 with a full frame and slightly tweaked. Has anyone else felt this way about the bracketing?

I too am disappointed in the A99 HDR performance.  I really want a FF DSLR but this is a deal breaker for me.  Sony doesn't know or doesn't care what HDR users really need.  For the A99:

1. Bracketing range barely adequate - but acceptable to me

2. You must hold the shutter button until the final picture is taken. WHY? sometimes 6 seconds!  You better have a very sturdy tripod and a very steady hand!

(this is how my NEX-6 works - I presume the A99 is the same?)

3. Bracketing cannot be activated after a self-timer delay.  WHY?  It's a natural for HDR!

4. Bracketing cannot be activated by remote control?  WHY?  Another way to keep hands off.

My Canon 7D performs items 2, 3, & 4 the way you would want. My new NEX-6 has the same four problems. The Sony drive mode selections lockout some of these useful options. There must be a better way.     - John C.

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