SLT's vs Mirror-less Cameras

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Re: SLT's vs Mirror-less Cameras

LeonardoG wrote:

When requiring a wet clean, both SLT’s as well as mirror-less cameras would seem to require different treatment. The mirror-less would be cleaned on the anti-aliasing filter (as many of us have done on other cameras), while the SLT would require sending in to Sony as the mirror (on SLT’s), apparently, is quite fragile and should not be touched. Since it usually is only a matter of time before dust (debris or what-not) shows itself, it would seem that SLT’s would be at a disadvantage in this regard. Am I wrong in this thinking?

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You clean the sensor (actually the anti-aliasing filter) on an SLT exactly the same way you would on a mirrorless camera.  There's no more need to send an SLT in for sensor cleaning than there would be for any other DSLR or mirrorless model.

The only difference is the mirror, which you flip up out of the way in order to get access to the sensor.  If the mirror itself needs cleaning, you can do that yourself with a blower (you can even remove it from the camera, so any dust that gets blown off the mirror doesn't just land on the sensor or somewhere else inside the mirror box).  But it's probably not advisable to attempt wet-cleaning of the SLT mirror.



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