The Zen of post processing?

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Re: post processing

Well actually I'm okay with my process. And I'm learning the camera more and learning more and more about photography every day. I'm getting quite comfortable and satisfied with my results. And I'm not deluding myself into thinking that everything I shoot is good. Man, I have some really bad stuff, but some good stuff also.

For me it is a hobby and for the most part documenting my travels. I came across a guy named Phil Douglis who claims to shoot only jpg and does a lot of teaching. He shoots jpg because most of his stuff is just transferred around on the internet for teaching purposes. So not much in the way of PP going on. And, he is one who believes in understanding the instrument and the theory of photography and proper exposure and composition.

So anyway, it is inspiring to come across someone who thinks along the same lines as I do. And let me say again, yes, PP is an art. Just not one that I am ready to tackle at this point in time.

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