Try before you buy! XS-1 over FZ200

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Re: stopped using Flickr some time ago

antoineb wrote:

thank you for taking the time to go to my Flickr account

I find that I rarely use Flickr if any at all these days, and this has been the case for the past 1-2 years or so. As I've been using my iPhone's camera seriously only for the past year or so, by definition there are very little of my iPhone shots on Flickr.

I must be the exception rather than the rule, as Flickr statistics clearly show the iPhone to be by far the camera behind the majority of shots posted there.

back to IQ:

- I'm not so much of a fool, that I don't realise how under various circumstances my DSLR cannot obviously beat the IQ of my iPhone: it has faster AF so will nail moving things (but can't film them), it is much better at low ISO and/or in low light

- I personally wouldn't do a poster from an iPhone shot. But I have done some posters that show very good detail from my FZ-18 superzoom (from 2007) and its tiny 1/2.3'' chip. And I have been to exhibitions where talented artists had produced great results from their iPhones and those were displayed poster size

antoineb: Since this is a thread about the Fuji S-X1 vs. the Panasoinc FZ200, I will only say that I understand the love affair with the iPhone. Convenience is wonderful.

What I will do is reference a post I made about two mo. ago regarding the Fuli vs. the Panasonic FZ200. It tells all that I experienced with the Fuji.

I will make this additional observation.

I believe Fuji is one of the most legitimate camera companies currently producing digital equipment. The reason I say this is that they are one of the worlds great film manufacturing companies. They have been at this for a very long time. Manufacturers of film understand dynamic range, the proper color palette, and all of the other factors that are involved with producing a great looking picture.  One of my favorite all-time cameras was one of their early bridge cameras the S9100. They have keyed in on some of the most important things that photographers like, namely, wonderful smooth manual zoom lenses, great bodies, and I love their EVF. And I like the fact that they are now producing a range of enthusiast cameras of high quality.

But having said this it seems obvious that somewhere between design and implementation they have some problems. I'll not go into it here as it is in the evaluation that I referenced in the link that I posted.


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